“I do think that songs are little utopias for people to live in for three or four minutes.” Bill Callahan shared this sentiment during a 2022 interview with Uproxx to promote the release of his album YTI​⅃​A​Ǝ​Я, and it provides a good introduction to “Planets,” the second-to-last song on YTI​⅃​A​Ǝ​Я: Callahan begins the song byContinue reading “Planets”


The Aboriginal Australians have a central story that encompasses the beginning of the world known as the Dreaming or Dreamtime. This narrative describes a spontaneous act, or “that moment when the world first came convulsively into being, thrown up in an explosion of energy by ancestral spirits.”1 Dreamtime is a single concept of religion andContinue reading “Finite”